Page translation log counter
Global actions log counter
Dankeschön-Zähler (dewiki)
Images with borders (commonswiki)
Unpatrolled IP edits (commonswiki)
Bilderwunsch-Listen (dewiki)
Artikel zum überarbeiten (dewiki)
Blocked proxy's (commonswiki)
Geolocated images (commonswiki)
Verbal Drama Score Card
Autoblocks (dewiki)
Meilensteine (dewiki)
CatMove RC (commonswiki)
RCURV watcher (commonswiki)
File renamers queue (commonswiki)
Username validator
Removed tools (switched off because replaced by a onwiki or a newer tool by someone else):
File rename counter (commonswiki)
Files on metawiki
Files with duplicates (commonswiki)
Files with the most uses globally
QIC scanner (commonswiki)
Autopatrolled candidates (commonswiki)
Recent undeletions (commonswiki)
Files lacking a proper description (commonswiki)
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